A Small Update!

Hi! It’s been a while since I wrote on the blog about my Classical Filipino setting. I used the holidays as an excuse to put down editing it and refresh my mind a bit. Now that that’s done, I’m back on working on it.

I received some very, very valuable feedback on my setting. Lemme ramble about those and what I’m doing to address the feedback.

1. Readability and conciseness. As it is, the setting is a 17k word document full of paragraphs in the perspective of an in-world character with a vague identity. It would get tiring to read and also would be a chore to find a specific detail. It needs to be more of a reference doc than a lecture.

That’s the major thing I’m working on. I have to balance the bullet points and the flavor. It ain’t easy, but I’m up for the challenge.

2. Show the multiplicity of cultures better. I’m thinking of more ways to make the cultures in my setting more distinct from each other. There were a lot shared between the cultures of the different peoples on the archipelago, but each one were still different in many ways. If my own setting’s cultures could reflect that, it will be all the better for it.

Acting on a suggestion, I wrote some professions to have come from or unique to specific cultures, as well as adding a few more. I’m still thinking of other ways to do this, but this will do for now. I might write about the new professions in a blog later on.

3. More hooks, more stories. There should be more tales or even just snippets of it to bite into, to grasp onto. Stuff that can help readers imagine themselves in the world.

I haven’t done much to remedy this yet. I’m taking cues from Mitsa, which has plot starters after every section. Small stories that a GM can to plunge their players into. I doubt alternating between editing mode and writing mode is very efficient, though. I’m just trying to find the groove again.

4. Writing more from the ground up. Focusing on the locales, on the smaller details, rather than the big picture.

This is something I’ll try to address much later on. After I finish with this, I want to try looking at my setting with a microscope and making small adventures about the smaller parts of the Islands. The Locales section in my setting doc are sort of prompts for myself to detail out in the future.

There are more but smaller details I have to fix. These changes might be cause for their own blog post, who knows. I just wanted to write an update to let people know I’m still working hard on this project. See you next week!

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